Solutions Architect (H/F)

Owkin is hiring!


Owkin is a French-American startup that uses AI and machine learning to augment medical and biology research. Its proprietary platform, Owkin Studio, uses machine learning technology to integrate biomedical images, genomics and clinical data to discover biomarkers and mechanisms associated with diseases and treatment outcomes. The company develops scientific collaborations with top-tier medical institutions and partners with leading pharmaceutical companies. Owkin has developed a state-of-the-art federated learning technology in healthcare to overcome the sharing problems associated with medical data, building collective intelligence from distributed data at scale while preserving privacy and security.

Job Description

The Solution Architect has the opportunity to build a standard design in order to suit to various conditions.

As a Solution Architect within Owkin Company, you will have the opportunity to work in the health & medical domain, a booming sector, to bring a real contribution to answer medical & health challenging questions.
More specifically, you will work on the creation and design of IT architectures, by taking an active part in discussions for adapting our state of the art to the constraints of a specific deployment. On the IT side, you will be in touch with a wide range of technologies and infrastructure (from physical server to Cloud solutions).

You’ll work directly with the Tech & Product team under the responsibility of the Head of IT Operations & IT Partnership.

In particular, you will:

  • Lead technical discussions and interactions dedicated to setup the targeted solution with IT team of partners (academic centers/hospital/institute) and/or within Owkin
  • Provide detailed specifications for proposed IT solutions
  • Align strong expertise at various levels of infrastructure (from deep layers to Docker architecture concept & solution)
  • Analyze current technologies used within the company and determine ways to improve
  • Document and monitor requirements needed to institute proposed updates
  • Work closely with Information Technology professionals within the company to ensure hardware is available for projects and working properly
  • Deploy and test (or bring an active assistance during this stage) packaged solutions and potentially intermediate or low layers (like orchestrator, hypervisor, network…) during server/IaaS setup
  • Take care of day-to-day maintenance of the solution
  • Contribute when required to the development of Owkin infra as code
  • Coordinate on the IT side, schedule and animate technical meetings, build and update plannings & timelines regularly, give regular status and highlight at the right level urgency/major issues

The position is located in our office in Paris, with potential travels of 1-2 days each month in France or abroad (Europe area, USA).

What we offer

  • Competitive salary and equity;
  • Opportunity to work with an international team with high technical and scientific backgrounds;
  • Friendly and informal working environment;
  • Flexible work organization and access to remote work;
  • 6 to 7 weeks of paid vacation per year (depending on where you are based);
  • Top-tier health insurance;
  • Beautiful and well positioned offices in Paris (Petites Ecuries), London (Holborn), Nantes (Nantes island) and NYC (Union Square) with numerous and various team activities and events.

Preferred Experience

  • A Master's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering preferred
  • At least 5 years of experience on architecture design or Solution Architect role on critical infrastructure systems for industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance or military
  • A professional experience working with and analyzing computer hardware and software, experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure
  • A certified TOGAF or a Cloud Architect certification
  • Able to lead technical discussion (especially debug or test sessions) and solution-oriented mindset
  • Current understanding of best practices regarding system security measures
  • Project management and leadership skills
  • Experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure
  • Experience in software engineering and design architecture
  • Highly organized and meticulous about details; capable of tackling complex problems logically and effectively; fun to work with; honest ; excited to work hard in a dynamic, fast-paced environment ; ...
  • Good communicator, fluent in English and French, able to coordinate several threads of discussions & projects in parallel, with various levels of progress & mindset
  • Able to interact with efficiency & on a pedagogical manner with stakeholders, and to promote partnership spirit especially with Owkin’s partners
  • Positive outlook in meeting challenges and working to a high level

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 13 January 2020
  • Location: Paris, France (75010)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 5 years
  • Occasional remote authorized